Workshop Tools

Tools for Ministry Leaders

Below you will find some information and links that will assist you as a ministry leader.  You will find more resources by registering with Faith Fosters Texas or feel free to reach out via email at and one of our staff will be in touch with you.

  • The Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) Faith-based Division has developed Clergy in the Court for Kids. This initiative is designed to increase awareness of Clergy and faith communities to the growing needs of families that come to the attention of Child Protective Services (CPS) by attending court proceedings.  For more information, download the following pdf.

  • Were you aware that The Department of Family and Protective Services has faith-based program specialists in every region of the state?  Wonder who yours is and how to contact them?  Click here to find out.


  • Here's a short blog on 6 ways your church can get involved.  Click here.

  • Christian Alliance for Orphans has assembled some great information on starting a foster care ministry in your church.  You can access that here.

  • Orphan Sunday is November 8, 2020 and is a chance for churches to take a stand on behalf of foster and adoptive children as well as orphans world wide.  Everything you need to know is available here.